Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Review - Tracker's End (Wind Dragons MC 3) by Chantel Fernando

Tracker's End (Wind Dragons MC 3) by Chantel Fernando
My Rating - 4.5 Star
 Date I completed: 13.08.2015

★Book Info★
Genre : MC Romance
Series: 3rd in (Stand alone)
Love Triangle : No
Cheating : Yes
HEA?: Yes

★My Review★

 This is a book i have been waiting for awhile, there was a big waiting gap between the first and second book, so i was glad the third book came sooner. I really enjoyed the last two.

I was not disappoint by the third, I love this book. I am always a sucker for a good MC romance. This book wasnt has dark as other MC book it was light and funny and I loved it.

The hero Tracker has been in a not so real 'relationship" with Allie in the last book, and tracker wants more and can't see a future with her. Enter Lana our sweet heroine, who has seen tracker in all his man whoring ways. she has been a close friend to the MC, through her best friend.

The book is a bit of a clichéd, but i was excepting it, a man whore hero falls for his one and only sweet heroine and become a changed man, and i loved this about this book.

I have always loved any thing form Chantel Fernando, so i wasn't disappointed. One thing i didnt like is tracker's reaction to Lana secret job as a exotica writer, it was about over the top, i think the author wanted to add a bit of angst. 

Overall it was a great book, and I can't wait for Rake's book, that should be a great on aswell.

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